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Arcadia Center Suites 芭堤雅

Arcadia Center Suites 芭堤雅

Expected completion: 3Q 2021
Early bird pre-sale pricing available. Feel free to leave your enquiry for more details.


5% per year income during construction period (2 years cashback)
10% per year income after completion (5 years)
Income Payments - every half year
After first 5 years completion the prolongation is possible


Arcadia Center Suites 芭堤雅, 泰国 - 地图

Arcadia Center Suites 芭堤雅, 泰国 - 地图
Arcadia Center Suites Condo Pattaya, 泰国 - 地图

Arcadia Center Suites 芭堤雅 - 泰国

Arcadia Center Suites Condominium
Details of facilities are for guidance only some elements may be changed during construction process.
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